Drawing Cartoon Characters Through Animation Techniques

A good way to discover ways to draw cartoon characters and add life for them is through studying some classical animation techniques. You don’t need certainly to wish to be an animator, but you ought to wish to be willing to master some valuable lessons that may potentially liven up your drawings with animation techniques such as squash and stretch, anticipation and exaggeration. Think of Disney and Pixar as examples. Maybe you have seen a defectively developed character from these studios? Even probably the most grotesque villain or monster had a certain visual appeal. ugly cartoon Animators need certainly to draw a figure over and over hundreds if not tens and thousands of times to obtain the movement down perfectly to show weight and personality. One reason is, to animate a figure, it’s design had to be in a position to convey the proper message in its movement. If a figure was poorly drawn then it would animate poorly, which would be unacceptable. The animators had to be in a position to animate and move the characters around in as easy and efficient manner as you can to recapture the audiences attention. Pretty amazing for something as simple as a point drawing.The importance of a well drawn cartoon character was one of the crucial first steps in achieving their goals.

OK now, the 1st step, discover ways to draw basic shapes and turn them in to a three dimensional counterpart, as an example: a group to a sphere, a square in to a box, etc. Once you can try this (with practice), then you can proceed to next step that is, manipulating the design by twisting, squashing and stretching it into various forms and easily create various kinds of characters by combining shapes together. Next (as always) practice drawing constantly and consistently. You cannot skip this step and expect to develop as an artist and draw appealing characters. Once you can draw a simple character shape using the techniques described above it is possible to expand and alter the shape(s) to your liking. The entire world is yours! Always remember to also draw from life as it is the greatest teacher, giving you the capability to draw realistic movement which will transfer into your character.

Visit the planet of classical animation to see the way you can use some of these techniques to boost your cartoon character drawing. There are lots of online resources in addition to books available to help you, so remember to help keep a sketchbook with you at all times. Sometimes, when drawing cartoon characters, you’ve to check outside your field of interests to simply help create a skill and through the fabulous world of classical animation we can gain plenty of valuable inspiration, knowledge and insight.

Andre “Dre” Saunders attended Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland as an art major. He started freelancing as a custom and illustrator and has done projects for such clients as Dupont and the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in addition to creating several covers for a small book publisher.