What are the top five techniques to prevent car theft?

          Nowadays, there are various types of theft in Thailan d such as robbery, shoplifting, fraud, hackers, and others that both Thai and internet people can find. However, car theft is an issue in Thailand, notably for bicycles, motorcycles, and other vehicles. I would propose the following techniques to prevent car theft:

1.      Parking at the safety location

          To avoid having your car stolen, park in a location that has a strong security system, such as CCTV, security guards, and others, such as a department store or a hotel. Furthermore, there have been several cases of automobiles being stolen and other valuable assets being robbed as a result of parking in dark or desolate areas.

2.      Installing the car burglar alarm

          It is important to prevent car theft since a car security alarm may assist secure your vehicle. When criminals take an automobile, the signal will scream loudly, drawing the attention of those around you. It can detect any anomalies in your vehicle. Then, your car may receive help from the security guard in that area.

3.      Keeping an eye out for the car keys

          Car keys are one of the elements that might lead to a car being stolen, so be careful with them. Many drivers forget their car keys in restrooms and other public places, allowing other people to easily drive your car out. Your car keys should be kept close to you at all times, and you should check your belongings before leaving at any location.

4.      Cutting out the car engine all the time

          When you park your automobile somewhere, you must switch off the engine, even if you are parked temporarily to purchase the goods at the convenience store, particularly 7-11. Because if you fail to stop the car engine, other people can easily and quickly come and drive your car, causing you to lose use of it.

5.      Installing the GPS

          It is one of the methods that may help you prevent car loss due to theft since the GPS can help you identify the position of the car over time. You may use the GPS signal to determine the vehicle’s current location and coordinate with the police for tracking. GPS has currently developed a variety of valuable capabilities, such as having a warning system or assistance system available in the case of a stolen or lost car.

          These are the top five common techniques that you should follow to be safe with car theft in Thailand. However, not only these five ways listed above, one of the best ways to deal with the problem is to purchase car insurance in Thailand if you want to buy a car to drive. Because Voluntary Motor Insurance Types 1 and 2 can help against car theft and other causes of vehicle damage such as catastrophic loss and others. That is why I would recommend purchasing it because it at the very least relieves your worries. There are other insurance companies available, but I strongly advise you to acquire automobile insurance from Rabbit Care since you will receive a wide range of coverage at a reasonable premium. It covered numerous dealers and local garages throughout Thailand, and the cost of repairs is the insurer’s obligation.

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