Winner Medical Produces Innovate Wound Dressings

A soft polysilicon contact layer is bonded to the backing frame of the silicone bordered foam dressing from Winner Medical. The soft polysilicon contact layer’s properties allow it to be applied frequently and prevent it from adhering to the wound, which makes it simpler for medical practitioners to switch drugs and prevent further injuries. It also significantly lessens the patient’s discomfort and stress at the same time.


With its distinctive multi-layer structure, Winner Medical’s silicone foam dressing with border aids in the dynamic management of wound exudate levels, fostering a moist environment for wound healing and preventing maceration of the wound edges and surrounding skin.

Innovative silicone technology offers the perfect amount of hardness and softness, making it a great option for pressure ulcer/injury prevention programs and wound treatment.

Additionally, the silicone foam dressing with a border from Winner Medical offers a waterproof seal when it is intact, considerably enhancing the patient’s quality of life.

The dressing does not adhere to the wound, minimizing harm to the healing tissue. The film backing also prevents the dressing from tearing readily and offers a somewhat closed, unidirectional external environment for the wound to develop.

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