Bed Bug Control Understanding Bed Bugs

Once thought eradicated in developed countries such as the United states and the UK, these parasitic insects are now back in resurgence. Bed bugs are now popping up everywhere – from homes to hotels and even the office furniture.

The prevalence of bugs has made people clamor for bed bug control.

What are bed bugs?

The Cimex Lectularius, most commonly known as the bed bug, are reddish-brown parasitic insects that feed on the blood of people and animals. bed bug control They are small, flat and wingless. Usually, these bugs range in size from 1mm to 7mm.

Given their size, they can crawl and hide in the smallest of places. These insects move from place to place by travelling through clothes and suitcases of people who have stayed in a place where bugs are present. It must be noted that hygiene does not have anything to do with bed bug control.

They are called bed bugs because they mostly feed while the host is asleep. It doesn’t mean though that bed mites are confined to sleeping areas. Bed mites can also be found on couches, upholstered chairs, walls, cabinets, and any dark protected area. When controlling an infestation of bugs, all parts of the house must be searched thoroughly.

Controlling These Pests

As mentioned earlier, a bug infestation is independent of hygiene conditions. Bugs infest a house because they were brought there, usually by visitors, from second hand furniture bought at a garage sale, or even by the owners themselves after coming from a bug infested place.

To know if there are bed mites present in a house, look in any dark and isolated place. Bed mites are known to stay around 8 feet of its victims. A telltale sign that bed bugs are around are the dark spots they leave. These dark spots are fecal matter of bugs that can easily be spotted.

A sure sign of bug infestation is when there are bite marks present on the face, neck, arms, hands or legs. Once a person starts showing signs of bites from these pests, it’s best to prepare or consult a professional for bug control.

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