Choosing the right Badge Holders For your ID Cards

Thanks to the availability of affordable printers, and the overall convenience, more and more companies are choosing to print their ID cards in-house. Most times, you’ll want some type of badge holder for your ID cards. With so many options, choosing the right badge holders for your ID cards can be a bit overwhelming. Let’s have a look at some of the options available to you.

  1. Clear Vinyl Badge Holders

This is one of the most affordable options on the market. Clear vinyl holders are available both in a horizontal and vertical style, and in either the credit card size or the government size. Select either clips or holes.

These day’s almost everyone has some type of ID badge. Security workers, city workers, bank employees, conference attendants, and school staff, are just a few uses of ID Enamel Pin Badges. The clear vinyl badge holders are one of the most affordable options, regardless of the type of ID you want to protect. Best of all they are made from quality materials and you can choose from a variety of sizes.

  1. Color Coded ID Holders

Color coded ID holders offer a more unique choice than just the clear vinyl badge. The color coded holder has a lot of flexibility, which is a valuable attribute. For example, you have the ability to assign a color to different groups, making it very easy for you distinguish each of your groups.

  1. Convention ID Holders

Convention ID holders are similar to the clear vinyl badge holder, except they have a handy crimp pin on the back. This allows the wearer to easily fasten it to their clothing. This type of pin does not damage clothing, and it is very easy to use. You might also opt for a crimp pin, clip combination, or a crimp pin, neck cord combination. This is the ID holder of choice for trade shows, conventions, exhibitions, conferences, and similar venues. You do have a couple of size options to choose from, and it is a very affordable product.

  1. Rigid Badge Holders

If you need a little more protection then you should consider the rigid badge holders. These holders will ensure that the corners of your ID do not get bent or torn. Your ID is easy to remove from the holder, and just as easy to put in. They are available in several colors giving you an extra degree of flexibility. You can also choose between vertical or horizontal rigid badge holders.

  1. Arm Band Badge Holders

For active people the basic badge holders are often not durable enough, nor are they feasible. The arm bands allow your ID to be easily displayed. They also provide the wearer with freedom of movement. You don’t have to worry about the ID becoming caught on something, and getting torn off. You can choose between credit card or government size badge holders, in either vertical or horizontal format. The quick release straps make removal easy.

The arm band badge holders have a multitude of uses. They are often used in sporting events, but they are also excellent for security, health care workers, baggage handlers, and warehouse personnel to name just a few options. The name of your company can easily be added to your badges.

  1. Proximity Card Holders

Proximity card holders are not as common as some of the other card holders, because their function is purely to protect proximity cards. Proximity cards are a high tech design with a high cost associated with each card. They require special care and that’s just what these holders can do.

The proximity card holders do an excellent job of protecting the ID cards, while allowing the cards to retain their functionality. The proximity card holders lock the cards securely in place. Then you can add either a clip or lanyard to the ID card holders. All that’s left to decide is whether you want vertical or horizontal holders.

  1. Magnetic Card Holders

Magnetic card holders are popular because there are no clips or pins that can damage clothing. With these magnetic card holders, all you need to do is fold them over a pocket and the magnet will hold them in place. It’s that easy! You never have to worry about data loss on smart cards, because the magnet is fully shielded. You can even use this type of holder with proximity cards.

  1. Soft Credential Wallets

There are many different badge holders to choose from. However, the soft credential wallets are by far the most versatile of them all. And did we mention just how convenient and durable they are? With the soft credential wallets you can safely tuck away your ID, and then you can also carry other items such as pen and paper, business cards, and other necessities. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors to meet your needs, your mood, and your fashion.

  1. Event Ticket Holders

For the most part, event tickets aren’t a standard size, which is why event ticket holders are available in so many sizes and shapes. These ticket holders are affordable enough to use and dispose of if you choose. And let’s not forget what a great job they do with those unusual sizes.