Hydro Vacuum Excavation For Perfect Unearthing Projects


Vacuum trucks not only are used in septic cleaning, but also in other useful industrial jobs like oilfield work, excavation jobs, and even industrial storage tanks cleaning. Nashville TN Excavation  These trucks are especially helpful on specific utilities job or construction sites that provide varied options for doing faster and cleaner work while improving the safety of the work. It goes without saying that the availability of a vacuum truck on the job, irrespective of it being company owned or rented, is an asset.


A vacuum truck could be used for two kinds of excavation work. These are vacuum and hydro. In hydro excavation, water is pumped at high pressure to cut through dirt, soil and even concrete.  Excavation in Nashville The process of vacuum excavation is similar to that of air vacuum excavation. In both the cases, pressurized water or air is used for removal purpose; following the removal job, the pumps are revered and that leads to vacuum out excess water, dirt, mud and discarded material and leave the work area cleaner than if done by hand.

The vacuum truck switches across the different functions till the required excavation is done, which is quite quick for this type of digging work. While some companies prefer water for removal, finding that the method offers a nice and clean trench as well as dust down, others use air due to its environmentally-friendly nature. Again, the type of soil or other requirements of the job site determine the choice of air or water. But it is the efficiency of the process that makes vacuum excavation better than other processes. In addition, the possibility of having control over the digging operation makes the process popular.

Delicate Digging Situations

One important uses of vacuum excavation is finding out utility lines, offering control on damage and safety since there are possibilities of damaging underground lines, pipes, and wires at the time of digging with heavy-duty equipment. If heavy diggers like backhoes are used to cut through electrical lines, there could be electrocution. However, the use of air or hydro vacuum excavation helps get around the dangers because of the use of vacuum excavation using either water or air that can be controlled perfectly to prevent any kind of snapping cables, wires or even pipes.

This method is also useful for digging different size holes to bury junctions and utility boxes, pipeline trenching, sewer cleaning and clearing and sewer cleaning. Often flooded basements containing silt could be cleaned out using this method.